Once the equipment has been put into place, it must be thoroughly tested before it can be commissioned onto the network. Sweep tests, PIM tests, Fiber tests, and ultimately drive testing are all needed to make sure the network is performing as designed. One of the most critical components of a DAS network is to insure the Neighbor Lists are correctly scripted. If not, handoffs fail and the Quality of Service rapidly declines…and they are not self-correcting. This is where drive testing coupled with on-site “go live” teams can quickly diagnose and ultimately cure the problem. Another area to pay special attention to is closeouts. Due to the volume of nodes usually deployed along with the complexity of these types of systems, it is imperative to develop accurate closeouts so that ongoing maintenance is smooth as silk.


  • Sweep test
  • PIM test
  • Fiber Test
  • Drive test
  • Commissioning
  • Accurate Closeouts
  • On site integration
  • Volume of nodes

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