Small cell deployments can be more complex than Macro Cell and thus, more challenging. Right of Way (ROW) knowledge is critical in the planning and permitting stages, but it is the volume and diversity of equipment that drives complexity. First in consideration are the poles that equipment will be mounted on. Are they existing poles or are they new? Are they going to be made of wood, steel, concrete, or perhaps a composite material? All this must be worked through to determine the proper mounting hardware for the RRUs, the antennas, a coyote box, and a meter base. With the high volume of a typical small cell deployment, special attention must be given to equipment logistics to insure that timelines stay on track.


  • Poles Existing vs New
  • RRU
  • Antenna
  • Fiber Box
  • Charles Cabinet
  • ROW knowledge
  • Volume
  • Warehouse Services
  • Logistics

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