Installing a small cell starts with utility coordination, both electrical and fiber. Consideration must be given to routing so that the providers can be terminated in the proper locations. It is also important to make sure the fiber provider has the correct strand count for termination. Pole installation or modification then occurs depending on whether a new or existing pole is used. Mounting the network equipment is next, followed by ROW restoration. One important aspect is Maintenance of Traffic or MOT. When installing in public ROW, it is common for lane closures to be a required element of construction. This can occur during the day or night, and knowledge of both is needed to make sure construction is not shut down by violating regulations. Another consideration is sidewalks and foot traffic. Different rules apply here, but not adhering to these rules can cause construction shutdowns as well. Again with the volume of sites it is imperative to stay on construction timelines and knowing the rules is vital to success.


  • Electrical/Fiber Conduit
  • 120vs240
  • Utility Coorditation
  • Pole installation
  • Fiber Provider Coordination
  • Fiber Count – termination
  • MOT
  • Lane Closure day/night
  • ROW restoration

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